Mike and you may Alice changed its arrangements toward evening

Mike and you may Alice changed its arrangements toward evening

changes (AWL ter) vt. find a hookup in Virginia Beach step one. resulting in to improve in detail yet not inside the compound; modify; 2. to take elements of a scarf and you will resew him or her having an effective best fit; step 3. so you can neuter (an animal) -vi. to switch; feel various other • • • •

Ralph is roofed among the many followers of your own chairman

This new personalize needed to replace the clothes to really make it complement Jan ideal. Improve your pet to keep down a keen overpopulation out of strays. The latest Fab Four changed Al’s version of skirt along with his existence. [-ed, -ing, alteration letter.] [Syn. transform, vary]

though (awl THOH) conj. while; giving you to definitely; though • Mike sat down seriously to dinner, even when he had consumed less than thirty minutes just before. • Even in the event Mary reported to not ever care for opera, she needed to admit that music off Il Trovatore are exceptional. altruism (AL troo we zm) n. unselfish matter to own others’ really-being • They needed to be altruism and bravery one to caused Maria to operate on burning domestic so you can rescue brand new whining man. • It’s uncommon to see an instance out of sheer altruism, where there’s no idea of individual gain. [altruist n.] [Syn. selflessness]

ambiguous* (are Big yoo uhs) adj. 1. that have one or more you’ll be able to definition; dos. unclear; vague; long • The 3rd base coach’s not clear indicators left this new batter not knowing whether to move aside otherwise bunt. • Roxane are ambiguous in her own tips to own eating this new cat if you find yourself she was away. [-ly adv., -ness, ambiguity n., ambiguities pl.] [Syn. obscure]

ambivalence (have always been BIV uh lens) n. having conflicting thinking in the a man or material at the same big date, like like and you may hate • Karen had a bona fide ambivalence in the getting anticipate so you can Sibling Bob’s cabin; she cherished going to however, hated the latest four-hours travel. • David showed ambivalence regarding the serving artichokes since, while they’re delicious, they might be an aches to set up.

amenity (uh Males we tee) n. step 1. enjoyable high quality; attractiveness; 2. a great otherwise prominent ability; a thing that increases a person’s comfort -pl. this new courteous ways and you can pleasant serves of sincere public decisions • The fresh new exotic landscapes is only one amenity regarding Hawaii. • Hawaii’s temperature is an extra amenity of your own lay. • The fresh restaurant’s machine and you will hostesses shown all of the services one could assume within the individuals rates. [amenities pl.]

Small Opinion #5 Match the phrase out of line 2 for the keyword from line 1 that implies very almost the same thing. step 1. contract

In the middle of; in the middle of; used in several; dos

amicable (Am we kuh bl) adj. perception amicable; indicating goodwill; peaceable • Alice along with her spouse Ted had an amicable conversation regarding getting into the a rose lawn about spring. • Bob and you may Carol icability n.]

one of (uh MUHNG) creating. step one. away from place to input; step three. throughout the count or set of; cuatro. from the or with lots of • • • •

amorphous (uh MAWR fuhs) adj. step 1. lacking unique setting; shapeless; dos. out of zero particular sort of; anomolous; 3. indefinite; obscure • Sulfur are a red-colored, nonmetallic element which is found in crystal and you may amorphous versions. • To just one unfamiliar with the video game from rugby, the video game seems to be influenced from the amorphous laws. • When Gino tried to pin Hailee down to a particular big date, the he might score off her is actually an enthusiastic amorphous response. [amorphously adv.]

amphibian (am FIB ee durante) letter. step 1. any of a class out of cool-blooded vertebrates without bills (in addition to frogs, newts, salamanders, and you may toads) one begins lifetime having gills, living in the water, and later grows lung area; dos. people bush or animal that’s home each other toward home and also in drinking water; 3. any routes or auto that can run using house plus h2o • This isn’t uncommon locate amphibians around a beneficial pool. • The first Pan-american Air way Clippers were amphibians you to definitely loaded and unloaded the individuals toward house however, became popular away from and you can landed with the water. [amphibious adj.]

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